A Stream of Holy Words ماتيسر من الكلام المقدس

ماتيسر من الكلام المقدس
فيديو، ٧ق، ٢٠٠۸

لم تكن تلك الجمل مجرد عمليه إسترسال عن مفاهيم إجتماعيه راسخه، إنما كانت بمثابه اشارة الى كم كبير من الجلسات والحكايات اتناولها أنا واصدقائى ونتجادل حولها لتصبح المحصله دائماً صفر، وهنا يقدم صديقى النصيحه لكل أبناء وطنه من المهمشين محاولاً الأستهزاء بأشكال عدة من الثقافه الموروثه لديهم.

A Stream of Holy Words
Video, 7min, 2008

This narrative does not merely constitute a mode of questioning of well-worn social concepts. Rather, it hints at the gist of the large volume of stories and discussions flowing in countless meetings with friends, which have often been met with futility.

In this video, a friend at once offers advice to his marginalized fellow citizens while presenting a social satire of some inherited cultural forms.

PhotoCairo 4 (2008) at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo 2008, And Brandts Museet for Fotokunst , Denmark 2009.
Abu Dhabi Art Fair within a program of the Townhouse gallery – 2009 – Abu Dhabi.
Limited access 2 within a program curated by Sarah Rifky – 2009 – Tehran.
Cairo Independent films and video art program from the Middle East at Elastic Art space, curated by On Look Films – 2010 – Chicago
2nd AllArtNow Festival – 2010 – Syria
Land of Hyperreal, exhibition curated by Khaled Hafez – Jose Marti Memorial museum – 2010 – Cuba.
April Ful’s Night Video Program curated by Aida Eltorie at OMCA’s Gallery of California Art , 1 April 2011, California.