My Extended Arm

9:55 min
Tokyo, 2019

A young woman ponders the possibility of humans having different looking body parts as she sits in her office. In a kitchen somewhere, two women are melting plastic objects and dancing with them.

The parallel narratives bounce off each other, as they engage with fantasies that explore the human body’s appearance, how it moves and relates with objects from daily life.

The film explores the relationship between these elements and their physical context; how intervening, warping, or distorting the shape of things might change its role, or reveal its futuristic evolution.

DOP Robert Kirsch

Editing Adham Yehia

Cast Satsuki, Gaku Imamura, Kae Kubo, Yu-ki Kamimura

Music Isolated Anxiety by Alg0rh1tm, Pride of Hoodlums by Savier, Was It All A Dream by Sea of Aland

Thanks to Haga Yohei, KangHee Rhee, Elena Knox, Fanni Futterknecht, Umi Ishihara, Leo Kominz
TOKAS – Tokyo Arts and Space, Wakana Arai, Ayumi Uno, Yuko Suzuki
Foreign Cultural Relations – Ministry of Culture of Egypt