Secret Coins in the Factory عملات سرية في المصنع

عملات سرية في المصنع
Secret Coins in the Factory
14:58 min
Cairo/ Tokyo 2016



Secret Coins in the Factory is centered on a master scene of a woman dancing inside a bustling industrial house. Filmed in various locations in Tokyo and Cairo, I chose to neither limit it by script nor by boundaries, but to structure the film as a fluid and open ended tale that unfolds between two seemingly unrelated story lines.

Video by: Mohamed Allam

Choreography/ Dance:
Mako kubeck
Kae Kubo
Mona Gamil

Hassan El Halwagy

Hussam Jaduo

Jeanne by Johnny Rpper
ònyma’kymæ by ònyma’kymæ
Meld by Nonima
Wait While I Fall Asleep by psenough

Translation to English:
Assmaa Naguib

Thanks to:
Tokyo Wonder Site
Foreign Cultural Relations – Ministry of Culture of Egypt
Mori-riimu Kogyosyo Co., Ltd.
Bando Printing
Bando Yoshio
Bando Shinichi
Bando Kazuki
Norio Ishiwata
Chie Sumiyoshi
KIM HyungSook
TWS teamwork
Rose al-Yousef Publishing House
Ibrahim Elshalakamy
Abdel sadek Elshourbagy
Ahmed Sameeh
Esraa Elfeky
Mohammad Helmy
Mai Elwakil
Rania Khalil